Until today the only way you could access those great exclusives from your phone manufacturer was to actually access them on your phone.  You know the experience in the past right?

You read an online article about a new exclusive app for say the Nokia Lumia handsets and you click that link to the online listing but you get an error page that says it is not available for your device.  So you end up grabbing your Windows Phone handset and browsing to the mobile version of the site and then clicking on the link.  That brings up the app in the Windows Phone Store since it can now verify that you are accessing the app on an authorized device.

Well as of today you can finally access all of those manufacturer specific and exclusive apps by visiting WindowsPhone.com and simply logging in.

You will see your manufacturers apps listed in the sub-menu on the Apps and Games page of the site.


If by chance you have more than one Windows Phone and they are from different manufacturers then you will see each OEM listed in this spot to make accessing their apps easy by just clicking their link.

What do you think? Glad to finally have a feature like this for your Windows Phone?