Just in case you missed some of the weekend news due to being offline like John Cook from GeekWire was for the National Day of Unplugging here are three of the stories we saw.

Evernote Hacked – Another big company which holds a lot of customer data was breached and in response they did a password reset for all users.  If you are a regular Evernote user you would have been prompted to change your password when you logged into Evernote.  Emails went out to all users as well although it took several hours to get them all out so go ahead and reset your password now – no need to wait on the email.

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Glitch (and Recovery) Shows Why Spaceflight Is Hard – Friday morning Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched the second cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS) on a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Shortly after a flawless launch and entry into orbit the spacecraft had maneuvering thruster issues which could have jeopardized the mission.  However, SpaceX engineers and NASA sorted things out and got them working which in turn only delayed rendezvous and docking with the ISS by 24 hours.  The spacecraft is now part of the orbiting complex and is having its cargo unloaded to support the crew onboard ISS.  Commercial space flight is here to stay.

Microsoft Does Not Automatically Call You When Your PC Is Supposedly Having A Problem – I had a friend experience this scam first hand Friday night and shared the story because it is a scam that is active and effective. You get a call from someone representing Microsoft and they will try to convince you that your PC has a problem and that you need to download some software, usually at a cost to you, and give them info to make the repairs.  At this point your computer is either infected with some type of malware or they are using your personal info to gain access to your personal accounts or worse.  Just remember – Microsoft does not make house calls.

As always stay safe and secure out there on the Internets.

Have a great week everyone!