Welcome to Episode 74.

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We start this show off with thanks for your support as I was renewed a fourth time as a Microsoft MVP in the Windows Expert Consumer category and then we take a look back at 2012 for WindowsObserver.com.  We also announced our new weekly #ObservedTech Twitter Chat that will occur each Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern Time beginning on 09 January 2013. Here is the date and time converter for the first chat.

So after all of that we dived into this weeks pile of news stories to discuss and we began with Apple’s continued Do Not Disturb mode woes that happened again; mentioned the Vizio commercial for their All In One PC that had very sluggish screen images for some reason; comet spotting in 2013; an 18 point contract with a kid’s new iPhone from his Mom; a petition from Windows Phone users for some popular apps; GeekWire’s Todd Bishop beginning life with a Windows Phone instead of his iPhone; $100 to send a blind Facebook inbox message; touch screens – they’re everywhere; lame tech moments in 2012; WP Marketplace grows in 2012; David Jung’s first impression of Surface RT; get software gadgets on Windows 8; let’s talk Windows Store apps and functionality; WhatsApp getting robust enough to handle 18 billion messages on NYE; Fix It issued for IE vulnerability; Nokia Lumia 920 won 12 media awards in 2012; app recommendations for your new Windows 8 device; Polaroid to open Fotobars; free Xbox Live Gold for cloud save outage; counting down to E3 and Xbox next; peek in on Space Shuttle ATLANTIS; using default Windows 8 apps to communicate socially; Microsoft vs Google and it is not about browsers this time; Rob Margel’s Windows Help top 10 blog posts and a reminder about our Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and Mobile Keyboard giveaway.

Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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