My FTP tool of choice, FTP Voyager, and its parent company RhinoSoft has just become part of the SolarWinds family of professional tools.

SolarWinds® (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced today that it is introducing two new file transfer management offerings, SolarWinds FTP Voyager and SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server, that answer the IT community’s need for easy to use, purpose-built software that addresses the everyday challenges they face, without breaking the bank.  SolarWinds acquired these products as part of its purchase of Rhino Software (RhinoSoft) this week

I have been using FTP Voyager for many years and it is definitely the best FTP program I have ever found. It was well worth the price of an annual license as it was always flexible and let me get the work done on my site that I needed to.

The most recent version of FTP Voyager also includes a scheduler that allows you to run the program as a service and perform automatic downloads to your local hard drive to back up critical files. I have a daily service that runs to grab copies of the databases for all my sites to store them locally. Works without any issues.

SolarWinds is well known for its collection of very robust free tools so the addition of FTP Voyager just makes it a stronger portfolio of tools.

Beginning today, SolarWinds will offer the SolarWinds FTP Voyager product for free, allowing every IT pro to take advantage of the leading secure file transfer client available in the market.  FTP Voyager offers support features like drag-n-drop, scheduled transfers and folder synchronization from your Windows desktop.

The addition of the free FTP Voyager to the company’s robust offerings of free tools is an example of the company’s ongoing commitment to creating value and giving back to the IT community. Through its widely recognized and used TFTP Server and the new FTP Voyager, SolarWinds is the only company to offer such a valuable and compelling set of FREE products to support file transfer for any sized company. 

My only regret is that I recently purchased a two year license for FTP Voyager however, I will be grabbing a download copy of that free version right after this post is done!

Will you grab FTP Voyager now that it is offered for free?