Thanks to a tipster we have pictures this morning of a Staples Surface RT display setup and some info on what they do and don’t have available at the store.

We start off with a nicely angled shot of the Touch Cover attached to a Surface RT device.


We saw a similar display to this one in a picture we shared yesterday from Twitter user @Fullmetal1986 which he took at a Staples Store. So it does look like they have a standard display setup in their stores.


Here is another angle of the display backing.  It does look very professional compared to what we saw in those Best Buy shots yesterday.


In the final shot below you now see the entire area where they have the Surface RT on display.  According to our tipster this store does not have any accessories and the only touch covers that are available are those to be sold in conjunction with the 32Gb device bundle for $599.  The only 64GB model of the Surface RT is the one you see on display – there are none available for sale.

Even though there are no Surface accessories available that did not stop them from sticking an iPad Mini case display right next to the Surface display area. Then if you look below the display you can see some other generic tablet accessories on the lower shelves.


The last couple of things our tipster mentioned is that the Surface RT device on display is running the same demo account that is on all the Surface RT devices in Microsoft Stores and that none of the employees are knowledgeable nor provided any training on the device.

That will certainly present some challenges when customers walk in and ask for info or advice about the device. Unless of course there happens to be an enthusiast in the store but that is certainly not the way to run a sales floor.