And, we’re back. We hoped you enjoyed your holiday this past weekend. Once again, let’s get back to finding the best applications and utilities for Windows Phone devices. Of course it wouldn’t be December if we didn’t begin the with a few holiday themed picks.


We’re all for Microsoft’s OneNote, but nothing, I mean nothing says Windows Phone application like a clean Metro interface. SYM’s Clearer delivers one of the platforms more unique metro designs while staying true to its tasking roots.  Featuring syncing with Google Tasks the will allow you to create the most beautiful and easy to create task lists we’ve ever seen. Clearer is $.99 and available on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices in all resolutions.


If you’re going to be managing all of those holiday tasks, you can’t be without a way to manage that wallet of yours. After all nothing is as bad as being stuck in a long line at your local Toys R Us only to find that you’ve maxed out your now unauthorized card. With Graham Haley’s Account Tracker you can track all of your holiday expenditures in relative ease with features the ability to add alerts for account limits, the ability to export reports on cash flow and more directly to SkyDrive or Excel. You can also create a PIN Code just for the app so prying eyes won’t get a look at what you don’t have stashed underneath your mattress. Account Tracker is available for $2.49 on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7 but does not yet support all device screen resolutions.


It just wouldn’t be the holidays without a bunch of cheerful music to make us all wish it was January 1st already, and Ascend Media Group’s Christmas Bells delivers completely for those wishing to get into the spirit of things, (and receive strange annoyed looks from anyone sitting around them). Listen, we’re not advocating that you go around spreading cheer and whatever else the folks from the Hallmark Channel tell you, around the place but if you’re going to do it, you might as well take along a free app that delivers the goods. Christmas Bells is free to all Windows Phone users but doesn’t support newer screen resolutions.

That’s the Windows Phone App Flow for you everyone! Catch us back here every week until Christmas for our favorite Windows Phone applications and picks. We’ll be the ones dressed as Frosty.

It’s a new color for us.