One area I have had some concern about since receiving the Nokia Lumia 920 this past weekend was battery life.  It seemed that the device would have spurts of battery drainage when in use and well beyond what you would expect for a 2,000 mAh battery.  The other thing I saw happening was the back top half of the phone getting very hot when it was in use.

So I set out on a search of the Internets to see what I could come up with to possibly solve this issue and came across a post on WPCentral – Nokia Lumia 920’s battery problems related to NFC?

According to the comments on that story users are having mixed results from shutting NFC off but I decided last night to give it a shot and see what happened for me.

Turns out that in my situation it appears turning NFC off on my Nokia Lumia 920 has resulted in better battery consumption and the device does not get hot like it did before.  Now I have not conducted any scientific inquiry into this but I used the phone throughout the evening, left it off the charger overnight and woke up to find it was still holding more of a charge then it had the first few nights I had it.

Of course, your mileage may vary but would love to hear what kind of results this gives you or if you have done something different to extend your battery life on the Lumia 920.