What’s that dear Windows Phone 7.5 user? We’ve just had Microsoft showcasing the latest iteration of your mobile operating system of choice? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you palms sweaty? First, you should be all of those things. By all accounts –official and other wise, this changes are humongous. Dual core CPU support and external media are at the top of my list of reasons to upgrade devices, but more to our topic, Windows Phone 8 also introduces things that should make app makers and app users salivate like native code, and background multitasking. Alas, that’s the next version of  Windows Phone, today we’re left to enjoy the best of today’s Windows Phone Applications and boy have you guys sent in selection.


“You can’t talk about great Windows Phone apps during football season and not talk about NFL Live.” Indeed we can’t, and with features like live news and scores coverage, the ability to create tiles for your favorite franchises. Oh, and it’s free.


There’s nothing more essential to the success of any platform like having a quality YouTube application. It’s just the way the world is. Luckily Windows Phone users have had access to the amazing MetroTube for the better part of two years. The formula here is simple, well designed interface + support for subscriptions, favorites, and playlists = win. It’s also free.


One of my personal favorites has always been Tweet This Song, and it does exactly what the name implies. Anytime you are listening to music via Zune and find yourself wanting to share with your friends just hit open Tweet This Song! And it will automatically take care of finding the song’s entry in the Xbox Music Store and send it to your preconfigured account. Tweet This Song is free in the Windows Phone Marketplace but also has a .99 version for those who wish to give something back to its development team.


We’ve talked a lot about Rudy Huyn’s lineup of applications but in case somehow managed to miss my prior ranting about him and his apps, let’s recap. Rudy’s applications, including Wikipedia, TVShow and 9Gag are consistently the best compilations of code to ever hit the Windows Phone Store. You won’t find this wealth of features, support, and sheer overall quality anywhere else. All a free, so go ahead and try them if you haven’t –you won’t be disappointed. At. All.

And that’s another edition of Windows Phone App Flow everyone. I’ll be back very soon with my reactions on Microsoft’s announcements yesterday at its Windows Phone event in San Francisco (all app-related, I promise).