Update: Just for clarification these are end user purchases and not OEM’s etc. This jump to number one is a reflection of individuals like you and me going to Amazon and pre-ordering the OS just like we would the latest release of Halo or any other game.

Just this morning, less than 15 hours ago, we talked about the pre-orders beginning for Windows 8 which will be made available to everyone later this month. When those pre-orders began the upcoming operating system was ranked 120th on Amazon’s Best Seller list for Software.  Just a few hours later it sat at number 45.

Well this evening the Windows 8 Pro Pre-Order at now ranks as the number one item on Amazon’s Software Best Seller listing.


Of course you can not beat the offer to get a packaged DVD version of the Windows 8 upgrade for $70 which is almost a third of what the MSRP is at $199.

Did you pre-order a copy or will you wait for the $40 upgrade deal that goes into effect on the 26th of this month?