Update: So maybe those are not leaked TV commercials after all – Windows 8 Pro Upgrade listing at Amazon UK. Check out the associated videos. (Via The Verge)

And no I do not mean dual personality such as that Linda Blair showed in that movie many years ago.

What I do mean is that Windows 8 is going to allow you to use both touch and a keyboard/mouse to interact with the operating system. You can navigate in both the desktop mode and the modern mode, read Start Screen and Apps, using both methods of interaction.

As I have said all along – Windows 8 is a transitional OS – a bridge between a touch/app based OS and the familiar desktop we all know.  The day is coming when we will interact with a Windows PC solely through apps

Are there some issues with touch – yes there are – especially on the desktop side.  Touch targets are smaller and therefore harder to just reach out and tap them accurately. A personal gripe of mine throughout all of the preview versions is the inconsistency of how the on screen keyboard is activated between the desktop and modern interfaces. If I tap into a text field the keyboard should pop up – simple as that.

However, the reality of it all is that Microsoft needs to make this transition as smooth as possible and that means showing the capabilities of the OS in both navigation modes. These leaked TV commercials do show that and I suspect that will be a common theme for Microsoft as they expect a lot of folks to finally leave behind Windows XP with the inexpensive upgrade to Windows 8 priced at $40 for the next few months.

You can check out the leaked TV Commercials at The Verge – First Windows 8 ads leak, Microsoft focused on teaching the world its new OS.

I also have a YouTube video that shows the keyboard and mouse navigation features of Windows 8 that has proven to be helpful to a lot of viewers.