The folks over at Liquid Daffodil, developers of the hugely popular glƏƏk! Twitter app for Windows Phone and Windows 8, have introduced their latest creation called Cumulotweetus.

Now if you have used the glƏƏk! Twitter app it should be no surprise that they have come up with a very different and unique method of connecting into the social world of sharing. 

Cumulotweetus allows you to share your Twitter social information in four different ways:

  • My Timeline – this will pull information from your timeline only and then create a word cloud based on the words it picks up. 
  • Tweep’s Timeline – this brings up a search which allows you to find another Twitter account to create a word cloud for.
  • My Mentions – this pulls up the tweets that mention you to create a word cloud.
  • Surprise Me! – just as you would assume this one pulls up a random Twitter account to create a word cloud. 

As the devs told me via Twitter about that last option – “The "random" can bring up some might scary (or hilarious) clouds. User beware!”

Once your cloud is created you have the option to post it to your Twitter account or save it as a local picture on your phone.  If you post it to Twitter a copy is automatically saved to your phone so no need to perform that as a separate step.

If you choose to upload it you will be presented a dialog box to send the Tweet using your Twitter account.  At the bottom of the dialog is a checkbox to also post the tweet to social.  What this means is the tweet will also be sent out via the @Cumulotweetus Twitter account and be included in the Cumulotweetus Windows Phone App for all users to see.

The app also keeps track of past clouds you have created so you can easily pull them up, perform a refresh and get the latest data for your tweet cloud.

Here are some screenshots from the Windows Phone Store as well as a link to the app:

cumulotweetus1 cumulotweetus2 cumulotweetus3 cumulotweetus4
cumulotweetus5 cumulotweetus6 cumulotweetus7 cumulotweetus8