Another quality app just hit the Store, and this time my personal favorite!

If you’ve been a user of Windows Phone, this app needs no introduction of course, it is the de-facto recording app on WP7, and now we are glad they’ve made the app available to all users of Windows 8.  For the time being it is available for free just like the air we breathe.

With this app you can records your thoughts, or if you are the podcast type, this is boon from heaven. I am installing as we speak, so I can’t say much about recording quality, but from my experience with the WP7 version, recording quality will be absolutely high.

The App allows you to organize your recordings into Categories, and you can label them as you wish. You can save recordings locally, but you can also save them to your SkyDrive account. Unfortunately, I see no means of trimming recording for now, but I am sure they are planning this feature for the future updates, or possibly a paid version feature. Following quote is from Xochl Media LLC the vendor from the Store:


fast recording and access to your library


add details to your recordings


apply categories easily

The vastly popular Pocket Recorder from Windows Phone fame now available on your Windows 8 PC.  Use Pocket Recorder to make audio recordings.  The application features Share and Search integration, ability to add categories, labeling and descriptions to your recording.  Tile pinning and much more.  Try Pocket Recorder today!

Please download the app from the Source below and give it a spin. Let us know what you think of it.

Source: Windows Store