Happy Monday morning everyone and welcome to another fine edition of Windows Phone App Flow. This week we’re talking about dinero, moolah, quid, The Root of all evil, that cotton-lined paper that no one can get enough of: money.

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We begin this week with a classic on any platform -the often coveted banking application. While I’m not telling you should make a choice on banking institutions based on their app’s availability I the Windows Phone Store, the fact remains that being able to transfer funds, monitor the amount of money in your account, search for the nearest ATMs, and get customized alerts about your account just makes life easier. Luckily those who use Bank of America on Windows Phone can do all that plus now even make check deposits with your phone’s camera. Oh and if stocks and financial instruments are more of your thing, US Bank offers much of the save functionality for that niche. Both are free with your respective accounts.


Now I’m a “I always know how much money I have by keeping it in my head” kind of guy but I know plenty of people who swear by Expense trackers. It’s taken me a bit but I’ve finally managed to track down a decent one on the platform. Rosi Reddy’s My Expenses does the job extremely well including support for interactive charts and graphs of your earnings and expenditures, on device expense report tracking, and a ridiculous amount of ways to get all of that information onto other places via email, Dropbox, or SkyDrive. My Expenses is available for free to anyone in the Windows Phone Store.


And lastly if you’ve been to any Windows Phone related website this past week you can’t have missed this news: PayPal has now made its way to our beloved platform. Starting immediately PayPal users can both send and receive money via their Windows Phone devices. There is no support for the PayPal card reader just yet, but I’m hoping they add that soon.

That’s Windows Phone App Flow for this week. If you’ve got any applications that you would like to share with the Windows Observer audience, tell me about them via Twitter: username @harlemS.

Until next week, it’s your money; use it when you need it.