Welcome to Episode 61 and the pardon my coughing edition – allergies I think!

In this show we have more Twitter news which should be no surprise as they continue their march to hide and eliminate third party developers.  We mention all the interesting hardware coming out of IFA12 in Berlin, Germany this past week for Windows 8 as well as a couple of third parties that are developing almost exact duplicates of the Windows Start Menu for Windows 8 including one OEM.

Other discussion items include Windows 7 overtaking XP and MAC OS X moving ahead of Windows Vista; Windows Phone 8 getting parental controls; a question of whether Windows 8 suffers from the Microsoft Bob effect; free ebooks galore on Microsoft technologies; patents needing some common sense; Amazon uses Nokia Maps instead of Google’s in the new Kindle Fire; ESPN Fantasy Football App for Nokia WP users only; Zune loses more services and features; Windows Phone 8 launch date revealed; Twitters Certified Partner Program goes live; Apple moves to a bigger location in Bellevue; people who want your money and info will impersonate security firms to create trust; Lexmark is leaving the ink jet printer business; Facebook scam trying to send you pictures via email; FAA looking at in-flight electronics use but calls are not on the table; floppy disks and their uses and impact over the years and Twitter’s API changes actually do claim Tweetbot as a victim.

As usual we wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com.

Make sure you check out the show notes below for links to all the sources. Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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