How about we reconsider the Madden Curse for the cover athlete and tie it to the strange actions/movements that seem to be included in the game each new year.

I never noticed anything in Madden NFL 11 or earlier but the last two years have had their own unique player actions.

In Madden NFL 12 it was how three or four players in the offensive huddle would grab their knees and pull them up towards their chest to stretch.  I was so glad to see that it did not make it into Madden NFL 13 however, this year’s version of the game has its own weird player action element.

Take a look at the vide below.

It does not happen every time but on occasion when a player is heading back towards the offensive huddle a camera will catch them running/trotting back and what you see above is how that run/trot looks.

Honestly, it looks like Victor Cruz’s victory dance except it is not Victor Cruz and it is not a celebration!

What do you think?