Welcome to Episode 60 of the show!

In this episode we begin with the sad news concerning the death of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, and the efforts that are happening to memorialize his families request that we all look up and wink at the moon. After that we talk about the Windows Store and introduce you to a terrific resource, McAkins Online, who provides great insight into the store, how it is growing and the apps that are starting to appear in the RTM Windows Store.

We then discuss Twitter and the recent announcement of its API changes and restrictions for developers and how the reaction is around the web. As you might imagine it is not all good.

From that point we run down news of the past week concerning our preferences to clean toilets instead of change passwords; Windows 8 info about the new licensing agreements it will come with; the possibility that tablets may allow flip phones to make a comeback; Amazon is set to announce something next week; WinZip reaching 1 billion downloads; comments on a recipe on how to make ice cubes; Kinect for Xbox 360 drops to $109.99; NoReplyAll add in for Outlook updated to include Office 2013 Preview; Solitaire and Minesweeper get major overhauls for Windows 8; find the Start Up folder in Windows 8; Football Pro moves up to version 2.0 for 2013 NFL season; Windows Defender changes in Windows 8 and the easy way to boot up a Windows 8 VHD.

As usual we wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com.

Make sure you check out the show notes below for links to all the sources.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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