Want the same view of Mars on your computers desktop that the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity has?  Well install this theme on your machine to get those other wordly views.

Here are the images in this first theme for Curiosity.

PIA16069 PIA16010
PIA16035 PIA16032
PIA16053 PIA16067

There are three options for downloading these images to cover most everyone.

MSL Curiosity Theme 1 (Wallpapers)

MSL Curiosity Theme 1 (Windows 7 Themepack)

MSL Curiosity Theme 1 (Windows 8 DeskThemePack)

Enjoy and look for more themes from us as Curiosity sends down more images from Mars.

Note: All images are courtesy of NASA’s JPL – they are great about releasing their pictures into the public domain for our use.