The Inside SkyDrive blog released details earlier today about the expected updates to the web based SkyDrive interface and if it had only come out about 10 days ago we would be calling it a Metro Makeover.

However, with the recent emphasis being pushed away from Metro UI around the Redmond campus, this is now considered a modernization of the web interface to Microsoft’s cloud storage offering.

According to a spokesperson, there are improvements to both the desktop and the mobile app experience including these highlights:

A new, modern design for that brings the same DNA from the SkyDrive Windows 8 app to the web and updates nearly 100% of the SkyDrive experience to provide a fast and fluid web experience on all browsers and devices, just like with, and includes a new, tile layout for your files and folders, instant search, contextual toolbars, multi select and drag and drop, and sorting improvements.

Multiple performance improvements to SkyDrive for Windows desktop and OS X, including uploading photos in bulk is much faster and dramatically reduced CPU time.

A SkyDrive app for Android that follows the success of the SkyDrive for Windows Phone and iPhone apps.

Two other significant changes involve the ability to upload images in their full resolution and the removal of restrictions on the type of files that you can upload/save on the service.  By the way, don’t take that to mean you can violate the Terms of Service as we have discussed in the past – those rules still apply.

The last piece of news I want to highlight is buried down in the posting and it is an acknowledgement that Microsoft is working on a solution for selectively choosing what to sync on your PC, laptop, tablet, etc.

We’ve heard feedback that some people would like to specify which folders in their SkyDrive sync to their PC. This can be due to space constraints on their laptop or tablet, or because they don’t want personal files syncing to their work PC. We’re working on a solution to this problem but can’t give specifics yet—stay tuned!

This will be welcome news to a lot of people across the Internet and good on Microsoft’s part for listening to the feedback about it.


Sample of modern web based interface.