The world thrives on practical, efficient technology in order to tend to its business. The best apps, utilities and tools are those which simplify something that was complex because of previous limitations. The best forms of technology are those that minimize the time, effort, and resources that are expended on a project. E-mail, for example, eliminates days of waiting for snail mail, the effort of walking to the post office, and the need for paper, postage, and other materials.

Why can’t all of our innovations be as intuitive and useful? It’s a question we should start asking loudly and unabashedly.

Augmented reality is cool, sure. But few of the apps have actually proven indispensable at this point. Many of them just complicate what it is you’re trying to do, though that can be expected to change before the end of the decade.

Another example of practical, ingenious technology is the e-signature. These applications are popping up more and more now and recently the technology has been integrated into the PDF writer as a way to facilitate faster, more efficient and more collaborative business partnerships. The e-signature eliminates the need for paper contracts entirely, closing the chapter on tedious wait times in between the finalization of plans. No more faxes, no more printers, no more sending assistants on frantic midday journeys to the post office. We’re in the 21st century now—go digital already!

The e-signature allows interested parties to access, assess, and authorize contracts using any computer, whether a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. No software is needed, and the overall process is incredibly simple and reliable. Any hesitation about security can be forgotten. The newest e-signature applications are fortified by cutting edge encryption and security features. E-signatures also allow for you to negotiate contracts with clients, which in many cases can help create a stronger, more trustworthy bond.

Along with the ability to integrate e-signatures into your business operations the new PDF writer also opens up a colorful slate of other options and applications that should greatly simplify your life. Convert PDF to Excel in one click, share with a client, make changes, and finalize all without leaving your chair, or even your desktop window.

That’s the kind of efficiency we’ve come to expect, and it’s the kind we deserve. Electronic signatures are here to stay. So do yourself a favor and stop waiting breathlessly for the Google AR glasses and take advantage of the tech that will actually make your life easier today. 

Note: This is a guest post from our site supporters.