I have just returned from a month in Italy visiting family and friends and wanted to catch up on some new backgrounds in the various dynamic RSS themes from Microsoft that came out during that time frame.

Enjoy as we get back to normal around here.

Bing Desktop Theme

Atlantic spotted dolphin pod swimming near the Azores, Atlantic Ocean Ocean waves near Ventura, California
Lavender fields at dawn

Terra (Landscapes)

Boats, Orford Harbour, Suffolk, England, U.K. Countryside, New Zealand
Storm brewing, Lyveden New Bield, Aldwinkle St Peter, Northamptonshire, England, U.K. Dunes of Southwold, Waveney District, Suffolk, England, U.K.
Old boat, Aldeburgh Beach, Suffolk, England, U.K. Evening looking over a field of crops ready for harvest
Countryside, New Zealand

Aqua Dynamic

Sunrise on the Ohio River, California, Kentucky, U.S. Suspended raindrops
Icicles on barn Sunrise at Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India

Fauna Dynamic

Jellyfish in Marina at Neah Bay, Washington, U.S. Brown lizard on leaf, Naples Zoo, Florida, U.S.
Jellyfish in Marina at Neah Bay, Washington, U.S. Giraffe, Naples Zoo, Florida, U.S.

Flora (Flowers) Dynamic

Flower macro Dandelion
Yellow flower China Rose (Rosa chinensis)
Magnolia blossom from a Magnolia tree, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, U.S. Dandelion macro

Insects Dynamic theme

Ant crawling in flower