Welcome to Episode 56 of the Observed Tech PODCAST.  I am just back from Microsoft’s Annual TechEd Conference in Orlando, Florida and had a great time talking to vendors and others about where computing is heading.  The future is quite dynamic for many reasons.

In this show we cover items from the past week such as the mysterious announcement that is coming on Monday from Los Angeles; Bing partnering with Yelp and Qwiki to enhance search results; free Xbox Live Gold weekend until 17 June; pizza from a vending machine; YouTube and paid subscriptions to cable content; Verizon shares data plans amongst family members; Paramount now has their own app on the Xbox 360 dashboard for streaming movies and shows; Xbox 360 Spring update is rolling out; Twitter tweaks trends for users; Seton Hall freshman all get a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone; Windows 8 and your business; TiVo and PayPal partnering for purchases from your TiVo; building a Windows Phone App in 30 days with Generation App; NASA moves to the cloud and save $1 million bucks; get notified when overhead imagery updates on Google Maps/Earth; more Silver Surfers online these days; Xbox 360 still has two years in it according to Microsoft; Office 365 tips and training materials and Hotmail Metro Screenshots.

We wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com.

Check out the notes below for links to all the sources.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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