Hello everyone from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida home of this years annual Microsoft TechEd North America Conference.

TechEd is:

Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT professionals and developers, offering the most comprehensive technical education across Microsoft’s current and soon-to-be-released suite of products, solutions, tools, and services. TechEd offers hands-on learning, deep product exploration and countless opportunities to build relationships with a community of industry and Microsoft experts that will help your work for years to come.

As you can see this conference focuses on the IT Pro and Developer communities with attendance split at 70% and 30% respectively.

So what exactly is an end user type guy doing here?  Well I am here to put an end user twist to what is happening this week. If not for devs and IT Pros many of the technologies we end users interact with each day might not exist so where there are devs and IT Pros there must be end user stuff too!

There is a huge Tech Expo going on during the conference with leading companies from across the technology spectrum. They are hear to talk about and show off their wares.  Although many of them are targeting the core group here of devs and IT Pros they also have a lot of end user software, hardware and technologies and I am here to tell you about what they have.

I have already had an opportunity  to poke around in the open areas of the convention center and have some visuals to share with you.

First off I am feeding pictures from this weeks MSTechEd to a flickr channel which you can access by visiting Feel free to grab anything you would like from it throughout the week.

Also on display here are several tech projects and I have video of one of them embedded below. This custom car is the Project Detroit Ford Mustang built by Microsoft and West Coast Customs.

The other video I want to share this morning is of the Microsoft TechEd North America Museum. This is set up to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of TechEd North America and has articles from the first TechEd 20 years ago along with various software and hardware items from the Microsoft archives. It really is a walk down memory lane looking at some of those items!

If you want to follow the conference on Twitter keep an eye on the hashtag #MSTechEd.