According to Nokia’s US and Canada Conversations site this update is only for US based AT&T subscribers and addresses several issues Nokia has received through various feedback channels since the handsets release.

The list of things they provided that are in this update are:

  • Removing the reported purple hue that was visible on same screens in low light conditions.
  • Changed the sensitivity of the proximity sensor which turns the screen on and off when you take the phone up to and away from your ear.
  • Other minor adjustments and enhancements

I have no idea what is included in that last group and it could of course mean any variety of issues.  I have been on the lookout for a listing of items but that searched has turned up zilch.

The update went live at 1:00 PM Eastern Time so you should be able to plug the phone into your desktop, hook to the Zune software and get it installed.


Here is a thought – with Zune being phased out for Xbox Music I wonder what platform we will use down the road to update our Windows Phones?