I don’t know how it’s going in your neck of the woods but the word on the street here in Richmond is that the little criminals, I mean children, are excited to do all kinds of crazy stuff.  So this week I’ve got a few applications to help you and your offspring get the most of the long summer days and warm breezy nights.


We begin this week with a new application I discovered just a few days ago while looking for a way to kill an evening without my wallet.  The North Face’s Trailhead is the end all be all for you and your outdoorsy brood. Featuring access to Planet Explore’s outdoor events database, access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and EveryTrail, plus GPS integration inside the application, you’ll never find a better trail app on Windows Phone. I mean it, stop looking. Trailhead is available free to all Windows Phone users.


Ok, so maybe you and your family aren’t the type of people who enjoy reenacting Charmin commercials in remote wooded areas. Fair enough, the world needs artistic types too! I’ve got just the thing for you too! Neuralnet’s  ARTistic serves up social networking features for artists so well, that even Bob Ross would have trouble putting it down to paint another pond or tree. Create an account and upload samples of your work to get opinions and tips from others. The app also makes browsing other member’s work a breeze for when you need that sudden burst of inspiration. ARTistic is also free to all Windows Phone users, thought it does require you to create an ARTistic account which is also free.


Last we’re revisiting a personal favorite of mine, Wikitude. Since we last covered it the app has received a huge amount of optimizations, so many in fact that it almost feels like a Microsoft produced app on my first-generation HTC HD7. In addition to its duties as a Wikipedia browser that has the best augmented reality browser in the Windows Phone Marketplace and a roster of 150 million places to pull from. In short that means finding more places to spend the summer, more easily. You can’t argue with that.

We’ve reached the end of another edition of Windows Phone App Flow. I’d like to thank all that people who have tweeted me the names of their favorite applications on Windows Phone. If you’d like to do so hit me up, username harlemS. Enjoy the long holiday!