The Xbox Community Ambassador (XCA) program recently sent an email to all enrolled and active XCA’s announcing some big changes to the peer to peer assistance service.

For those who may have never heard of this program, the XCA’s provide peer to peer chat and forum support to other users of the Xbox 360 console and Xbox Live service.  Ambassadors are not Microsoft employee’s but do represent the XCA Community and are expected to be courteous at all times.

When a XCA helps out another user in the forums or on live chat they get scored/reviewed by the individual they helped out and that score then turns into Experience Points (XP) that allows XCA’s to level up just like in their favorite Xbox games.  Awards and benefits vary as you climb the ladder to be a Level 10 XCA.

Here is what the email said:

Hello Ambassadors!
Starting Tuesday, May 15th, your current Ambassador chat score will be converted into experience points (XP) – going forward, XP will be awarded for each Ambassador chat completed. This XP will go toward a brand-spanking-new leveling system, through which you can earn Microsoft Points, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, shout outs from official channels, and more! 

In addition, your helpful posts made in the official Xbox Support Forums will count toward your Ambassador XP! We know that there are many Ambassadors active in the Support Forums, and we’re excited to recognize those contributions in the new Levels and Loot system. 

For more information about the new levels that you can achieve as an Ambassador, or the loot you can earn by doing so, be sure to read our full post on the Ambassador forums! For an even closer look, be sure to check out our updates to the Ambassador FAQ. And of course, don’t forget to check out your completely revamped profile page at

The revamped profile page looks like this and contains a lot of information about the XCA’s history and scores.


Joining the program is straightforward and as long as you have not had any major infractions in the last 365 days you can typically join the program.  Just visit the Xbox Community Ambassador Sign Up page to get started.

The main XCA page also has lots of links and information about the program.