I’ve always found it amazing that for all the cheers and boos we hear about any app stores, regardless of company platform or compatible devices, users are able to find the best apps for doing something with their phones. You could endlessly browse the Windows Phone Marketplace, you could drive your Twitter followers crazy with questions too. Or you could – and here’s by far the best idea If I do say so myself, join us as we talk app discovery apps available to Windows Phone users.


We begin with one of my favorites Seles Game’s relative new comer App Vegas. The app features an ‘app wheel’ from which you can purposely or randomly select terms related to the type of applications you are looking for. Sure there’s featured applications, and a database of applications separated by category, but trust me that app wheel will have you hooked. App Vegas is completely free unlike the real Vegas, which we’re told the price of admission might be a kidney.


Appzotic LLC’s AppTastic is another one of my favorites, specifically because it allows you to track Xbox LIVE games on sale while still giving you most of the features you’ve come to expect from these type of applications including, catalog browsing and a featured list of well maintained apps. AppTastic is free, however it does have advertisements inside the application.


While both of these picks are good enough in themselves, it helps to have a clear standout, an application who’s execution is so nearly flawless that it demands to be on every Windows Phone ever sold. Distinetion’s AppFlow (no relation) is such an animal. Sure the developers have included app lists for finding related apps, but this thing takes it to the next level with support for Live Tiles (always a winner in my book), pricing localization for those who don’t live in the U.S., statistics, marketplace search, a wealth of statistics on each app along with reviews, and what has to be the best dang interface in a application for Windows Phone including Microsoft made applications. It’s hands down, the best application we’ve used on Windows Phone. Period. Oh, and it’s free.

That’s the Windows Phone App Flow for this week party people. I’ll be back here next week with more from my travels through the Windows Phone Marketplace. Do you have an app or a theme you would like to suggest? Send them my way on Twitter! username: harlemS. Until next week, be breezy!