While continuing to poke around in the comments of the original Nokia Conversations Blog entry about the confirmed data issue on the Nokia Lumia 900 handsets I found another little tidbit of information that is being asked on Twitter and other places.

This one is specifically for those who took advantage of the great deals being offered by Amazon for the Nokia Lumia 900 handsets which included pricing that ranged from .01 cent and somewhere around $49.99.

According to Jeppe @ Nokia the key element is service with AT&T:


Now the $100 credit is a great deal for everyone but those who purchased from AmazonWireless are going to come out on top with this deal because the most they paid for the handset is $49.99 and that means at least a $50 bonus getting that credit. If they bought the phone for .01 cent then that is a $99 plus on their side.

Now that is a great situation to be in!