I was curious how my local AT&T Corporate stores appearance would have changed between my last visit three weeks ago, when I tried to find out the official release date of the Nokia Lumia 900, and today just 24 hours after the official launch date of both the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II.

So to satisfy that curiosity I stopped into that store a couple hours ago.

As I approached the store front the first thing I saw was a banner, the only one in fact, hanging in the window showing the Nokia Lumia 900’s hero shot and the phrase beautifully different.


Upon walking in I immediately found the main display for the two new Windows Phone handsets and made a beeline for it.  I was not able to get close before a store rep intercepted me and asked if they could help out.  I explained I was looking at the new Windows Phones and that I had gotten my 900 this weekend.


We had a great conversation about the phones, the OS and the efforts AT&T were making with this launch, which as they labeled it, is a big one.  They were not carrying one of the new phones but had a Galaxy Note, by the way that is a huge phone/tablet, that they had won in some contest.  They did indicate that the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II were the current corporate phones and the other in store reps were carrying them.

Interestingly enough they called today Launch Day for these handsets which is actually the day after the official launch day.

There was also a huge display behind one of the desks that featured the Nokia Lumia 900 and the beautifully different slogan.  You can definitely tell the Nokia Lumia 900 is considered the big cheese in this launch as all the HTC Titan II had was its own display spot on the wall next to the black and cyan Nokia Lumia 900’s.


The HTC Titan II was a good looking phone although not nearly as nice in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 900’s.  It seems to be a forgotten piece of this launch both physically in the store and online across the blogosphere and social media sites.

I did opt to get a black bumper case for my phone while I was in the store and the standard bumper cases are a nice snug fit for the phone.  The rep also took the time to clean up my Nokia Lumia 900 before putting it in the case which was a nice piece of customer service.  I think the thickness of the case will help prevent smudges on the camera lens as well so that should help stop the smudged videos and photos I talked about this weekend in my Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone First Impressions posting.

Note:  All of the photos in this story were taken with the Nokia Lumia 900.