I just posted Episode 47 of the Observed Tech PODCAST and it is all about the Nokia Lumia 900 release on AT&T.  I spend some time talking about my own initial experiences with the phone as well as some tips about preparing for your own move to the new handset.  Please give that show a listen when you get a chance.

To supplement that podcast I wanted to use this post to show off both some still and video camera samples and give a list of my thoughts on the phone from an enthusiasts perspective.

Please feel free to post your own comments on the new handset below as I am really looking forward to hearing from other enthusiasts as well.

Nokia Lumia 900 next to my LG Quantum


Here are my observations:

  • Solid feel to the phone which fits well in my hands which are medium in size.  Having to re-learn how to hold and use coming from the LG Quantum and its smaller size.  Power button moves from top to right side of phone.
  • The polycarbonate body has a slight texture to it and does not feel slippery at all.
  • The edge of the screen that a lot of reviews talked about is subtle. I thought it was going to be sticking way up there when I was reading the reviews.  This lip gives you something to lay the phone down on its screen without the glass having to contact the surface.  Nice touch and really does not cause any problems for me.
  • I remember reading about the buttons feeling a bit loose and at certain points I feel the same thing but not loose as in falling off.
  • The screen is quite amazing with bright and bold colors, including a new theme accent color called Nokia Blue, that is a slightly richer blue then the original blue in the OS.
  • Setup once the phone was activated took less than one hour to get accounts added, etc. and basic customization of the Start Screen. App installation continues over time just wish there was a way to mark multiple apps while plugged into the Zune client software and use that USB connection to install everything at once.
  • 4G is fast compared to 3G and I luckily have good 4G coverage at home!  No LTE in Jacksonville yet but rumors have it arriving soon
  • I will not get into a specs debate here but will say that what the phone comes with runs the Windows Phone OS very well without apparent lag and other issues.
  • I have noticed a delay when I plug the phone into my PC – a noticeable delay of about 7 seconds.  Not sure what is causing that. Anyone else see that?
  • Camera is really nice in both still and video shots just make sure you clean the lens of smudges so they do not impact your shots.  I marked the shots and video below that had a smudged lens so you can see the haziness that comes out in those situations.  The front 1MP camera is also very decent as you can see.  Maybe this could mean the end of mirror phone shots? We can only hope!
  • One issue I noticed while taking 720p video is the camera jumps when it changes its focusing point.  In the clean lens video below you can really see this.  My wife even noticed it when I played the video for her on the phone.  It is just a little disorienting.
  • Camera has a lot of settings to adjust your shots – many more than my LG Quantum had.
  • AT&T Customer Service was great in getting me the 30 day early upgrade; ordering phone and having it shipped the next day and delivered the next – less than 48 hours from order to delivery.  They also made sure my grandfathered unlimited data plan stayed in place.
  • No door or flap on the micro-usb port is nice – nothing to fall off or break.
  • Make sure you put that micro-sim door key away safely for future use.
  • Battery is now in its 14th hour of use and still has 49% of use left.  Very pleasant and a testament to only using specs that the OS needs to perform well instead of stuffing it with unnecessary extras.

I am sure more observations will surface over the next several days as I use the phone on a daily basis.

Based on what I am seeing on Twitter and other sites this phone is going to pull in some Android and iPhone users as well as seeing many 1st generation Windows Phone users upgrade to this flagship phone.  At the price point, hardware and functionality it is a terrific deal and very attractive option for first time smartphone buyers.

Camera Still and Video Samples

All of these are taken with default settings except the macro shots which used macro mode for scene and focus method.

Outdoors Overcast Sky (lens had a smudge on it that caused the smearing effect)

WP_000002 WP_000003
WP_000005 WP_000004

Indoors No Overhead Lights using Flash (lens had a smudge on it that caused the smearing effect)

WP_000007 WP_000010
WP_000012 WP_000014

Outdoors Covered Patio Indirect Sunlight


Forward Facing 1MP Camera with Indirect Sunlight


Outdoors Bright Sunshine

WP_000034 WP_000036
WP_000033 WP_000037
WP_000038 WP_000039
WP_000040 WP_000041

Indoors With Overhead Lights using Flash

WP_000023 WP_000024

Macro Shots Indirect Sunlight

WP_000046 WP_000047

Macro Shot Outside with Cloudy Skies



720p HD Video Sample (Smudged Lens)

720p HD Video Sample (Clean Lens – also note the jumps when focus changes)