As a follow up to our TTT: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Navigation Walkthrough I want to share the below video with everyone. 

This video focuses on the way you can use your mouse and keyboard to navigate the new Start Screen in Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview – the other half of the OS in Microsoft upcoming Windows 8.

As I said in the original story the new system has taken a lot of hits for including a combination of the new Metro interface, which is primarily built for touch, and the standard desktop interface which we already know from previous versions of Windows.

In my experience it is just as easy to navigate the Metro interface by mouse and keyboard as it is to use the desktop.  There is no doubt a learning curve but it does work just fine.

This video is my walk through of the Start Screen in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the keyboard and mouse to show you how it can be done.  It shows off some straight mouse features as well as keyboard shortcuts for working in the new interface.