Apparently an embargo must have lifted around midnight last night as several media outlets released stories around that time to announce that three new apps would be arriving today on the Xbox 360 console.

One of them, the Xfinity On Demand App, has been delayed since it was originally scheduled to launch back in December 2011 when all the new media features were added to the popular console.

According to the Xfinity Xbox 360 App FAQ the new app will offer access to free video on demand from their massive library and will include national broadcaster (i.e. CBS, NBC, FOX, etc.) and premium video choices as well as Comcast’s own library of on demand selections.

The app will offer access to over 2,400 major league baseball games however you will need to be a subscriber to Premium which costs $25 per month to access them on your console.

HBO Go is hitting the streets earlier than expected as it was originally announced to be coming out on 01 April 2012.  This app will give HBO subscribers access to HBO shows, movies, sports, comedy as well as bonus features and comes along with your subscription to HBO.

All of the apps feature integration with Kinect for Xbox 360 for gesture and voice control and require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Thanks to @CiviksMS for the tip.