In the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview is baked into the OS in both Desktop and Metro versions.  I have run into a few issues with certain plugins, such as LastPass for handling my passwords, that do not work with the Metro version of IE10.  That means in order to have access to my website login information I must use the Desktop version of IE10 in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

This is initially a challenge because any links you click on within Metro apps default to the Metro version of IE10.

If you want all links across Metro apps to open in Desktop IE instead of the Metro version so you can have access to any plugins you use then it is a pretty easy process to get this working in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

In the Desktop version IE10 you need to go to the Internet Options settings and then the Programs tab.

In the top section of that tab is the Opening Internet Explorer section and a drop down menu to set things up. 

This top screenshot shows the options in the drop down menu.  The default option is Let Internet Explorer decide which opens desktop links in the Desktop IE10 and Metro links in the Metro IE10.  The second option, Always in Internet Explorer will open links in IE no matter what other browsers may be installed – this is similar to the default browser choice in previous versions. The final option, Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop, will open any link clicked in a Metro app or Desktop program using the desktop version of IE10.  The checkbox below the dropdown menu causes the IE tile in Metro to open the Desktop version of IE10 instead of the Metro version.


These are the settings I am using to use only the desktop version of IE10 for now.  This gives me access to my LastPass plugin at all times which for me is critical as I browse the web.


Are there any plugins you’re having  a hard time with under the IE10 Consumer Preview in Windows 8?