Didn’t we just talk about attachments a couple of weeks ago and the challenges they can present? We did indeed, but now SkyDrive is getting serious about attachments and their status when it comes to email. They are ready to spell it out – attachments suck.

However, SkyDrive is not just going to dog out attachments for the sake of doing it but to provide a viable solution to attachment challenges.

They start off with an infographic to show attachments and their impact on daily email:


Now they do not just leave you with a pile of stats and no action steps.  They are also providing some resources to help you deal with your attachment issues.

The first is SkyDrive @ Work broken down in three areas

  • You’re A Presentation Machine
  • You’re A Project Management Wizard
  • You’re A Communications Genius

Each of those areas give you hints on how to use the cloud, via SkyDrive, to work better with attachments no matter what your area of expertise is at work.

The second area is Do This Not That and focuses on how to get signed up for SkyDrive and start sharing documents via the cloud.

The final area covered is for you to Be A Friend because Friends don’t let friends send attachments. Included on this page are e-cards you can use to send your friends a hint about sending documents via the cloud instead of attached to an email.

Also included in all this attachment craziness is a partnership between Microsoft and Xobni.  Now Xobni is a very popular plug in for Outlook that helps you manage your contacts and this new plugin, SkyDrive Gadget for Xobni, allows you to access your SkyDrive files in the cloud directly from inside of Outlook.

You know Microsoft has practically eradicated IE6 from around the globe – maybe attachments are next?

Do you use the cloud to share documents?