It has been a busy week for the popular video based website Vimeo.  Last week they unveiled their year long renovations for and this week they release an official Vimeo app for the Windows Phone.

This app has been optimized for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and brings you the following features:

  • Watch and manage all your existing Vimeo videos
  • Watch videos from your Vimeo inbox, Watch Later queue, or videos you have liked
  • Easily like, comment on, and add videos to your Watch Later queue
  • Discover new and fascinating featured videos
  • Quickly search for videos on Vimeo
  • Easily upload your footage in HD
  • Pause and resume uploads
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS
  • Add videos to your Groups, Channels, and Albums
  • Get stats on plays, likes, and comments

To try out the app I played the Project Yosemite video which I wrote about last week on my LG Quantum Windows Phone to see how the video would look compared to the full HD experience on a desktop machine and it was very impressive.  Smooth video with no stuttering and I was not aware of any buffering either.

7988b5a8-45f9-440a-b54d-ecf45209d3a1 deff8393-cf0c-4d12-a0cf-ec90ecfcddbe e9e8581b-1a04-41c7-a0df-8a03fb4bca88
eb9e8cdc-f109-4dca-bae6-1049a420d906 739d6203-4665-41f4-ad92-847ccdd8e0a5 f933df6b-b35e-4bc5-a2a4-a3d399f6ecab

It is very encouraging to see such a big player come to the Windows Phone platform with their service.  I hope other big companies and name brands see the value in the Windows Phone marketplace and do the same.