Here’s a video demo of Electronic Arts’ upcoming “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13,” showing the game’s first version with full Kinect support and can be played completely without a controller. This is achieved with a mix of Kinect gestures and voice controls.

Also new to the game are online country clubs that players can create to compete with friends or play cooperative games.

Kinect gave us the ability to track full body movements across 1,000 data points. This lets us identify a player’s subtle body movements and swing mechanics. With this level of detail in mind, we approached the design process for Kinect integration with two main goals. First, we wanted to provide a compelling gameplay experience for gamers and golfers alike (i.e., make it better with Kinect!). Second, we wanted to ensure that players would be able to navigate with Kinect from start to finish without ever needing to pick up a controller.

The March 27 release costs $60, or $70 for a collector edition that includes courses such as St. Andrews and Augusta National.