Yeah I know it is a strange title but here shortly you will see where it originates from.

Yesterday I happened upon the cNet podcast Rumor Has It.  It was the name of episode 17 that caught my attention Instagram helps us care about Windows Phone.  I had heard the rumors on Twitter and other sites that seem to indicate Instagram was possibly heading for the Windows Phone so I listened in to see what the discussion was about.

The premise of the podcast is that the two hosts, @EmilyDreyfuss and @karynelevy, talk about the latest rumors in the tech world and then make bets on whether the rumor is for real or not.  The loser ends up doing some embarrassing act like walking around in a banana suit or something like that – you can get the idea.

So anyway, as I was listening to episode 17 they were giving out some pretty nice props to Windows Phone which was nice to hear and the discussion turned towards apps and not handsets as being an important element of a mobile/smartphone purchase.

At 12:45 into the podcast Emily states that she needed a new phone and would make the move to a Windows Phone if it met certain app requirements.  She said she would move right now if it had New York Times, Pandora, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp and of course Instagram when it comes to the phone.

So I went over to the Windows Phone Marketplace just to see if the apps she mentioned were available for Windows Phone.

Of course if rumor has it that Instagram is heading to the Windows Phone platform then I am going to be watching the Rumor Has it podcast to see if Emily makes the shift to a Windows Phone.

I do want to add that I agree with Karyne and Emily that it is not necessarily the platform but the apps that make a phone what it is and Windows Phone is getting there with the recent news of going past 60,000 apps in the marketplace.