Welcome to this week’s edition of Fever Pitched which highlights the hottest stories from our RSS feed over the course of the last week.

104.9 Degrees – We discussed this one on Episode 38 of the Observed Tech PODCAST. Dave Cutler was known as the guy who led the birth of Windows NT and most recently led the efforts for Azure.  Now that Azure is moving forward and the base work is done Dave has now been moved into the Microsoft Entertainment Division.  The timing is interesting because of the fact that Microsoft is most likely working on the successor to the wildly popular Xbox 360 console.  Dave Cutler’s name alone, according to some analysts, brings credibility to a project.

104.2 Degrees – Programmers getting achievements in Visual Studio has generated a lot of buzz around the web – both positive and negative. 

103.6 Degrees – The Building Windows 8 Blog post about the ReFS file system for Windows 8, as does any blog post about the next version of Windows, gives us a great insight into how and why new technologies are being implemented in Windows 8 to make it a great operating system.