To wrap up a week of high speed tech events Microsoft has let us know about five new Windows 7 themes to refresh our desktops and maybe even our outlooks.

In the collection there are two new dynamically fed RSS themes which get updated on a fairly regular basis when new photos are dropped in their respective RSS feeds.

Bing Maps Aerial Images of Europe

Here is a sampling from the initial 30 pictures of the collection – all the shots from Italy where I lived for 18 years!  There are three shots from the Naples area – two of Mt. Vesuvius and one of San Paulo the Naples Soccer Stadium.

Mt. Vesuvius East of Naples, Italy Mt. Vesuvius East of Naples, Italy
 Farm Fields West of Comacchio, Italy Bacino Porto Vecchio Genoa, Italy
Stadio San Paulo Naples, Italy Duomo di Firenze Florence, Italy
Giardino di Boboli Florence, Italy Ponte Vecchio Florence, Italy

You can also just get all the pictures by subscribing to the RSS feed –

Insects Dynamic Theme

The second dynamic theme in this group is just for all those little folks that creep, crawl and fly around the garden.

Horsefly Dragonfly
Pollinating bee Ladybug
Dragonfly Resting dragonfly
Monarch butterfly on a red zinnia Ladybug on yellow flower
Ladybug on a leaf Hairy caterpillar

Here is the RSS link if you want to subscribe to it seperately –

The other three themes are static and do not get additional pictures added to them routinely.


Here are eight of the included images.

Baltimore Butterfly Butterfly
Butterfly in Christchurch, New Zealand Butterfly on lavender, Provence, France
Flowers with Peacock butterfly Tauriņš Zemgales pļavā (Butterfly in Zemgale meadow, Latvia)
Painted Lady Butterfly, McLeansville, North Carolina, U.S. Butterfly

Garden Life by Hayley Elizabeth

These photos are a collection by Hayley Elizabeth who responded to the open call for theme photography and was asked to put together an entire theme.

Bee and waterlily Delicate
Ladybug Dragonfly
White bee Falltime Ladybug
Lone yellow tulip  

Year of the Dragon

The Chinese Year of the Dragon begins on 23 January and this theme celebrates that with some superb dragon imagery.

Bronze souvenirs, Yonghe Temple, Beijing, China Ornately carved wooden bracket depicting Vietnamese dragon, above doorway, Hoi An, Vietnam
Chinese dragon, Guangzhou, China Dragon statue, close-up, Summer Palace, Beijing, China
Close-up of dragon stencil Architectural details on dragon sculpture, Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Chinese carving depicting a dragon, Beijing, China Botanical garden, Shouzhen Temple, Alishan National Scenic Area, Taiwan
View of White Cloud Taoist Temple, Beijing, China Detail in Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Chinese dragon statue against a blue sky, Spain Sculpture on temple rooftop,Taiwan

The last two themes are the Mission- Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The Great Happification (remember the Coke commercial?).