Welcome to Episode 6 of Fever Pitched a summary of the top three stories from my Fever RSS Aggregator over the past week.

Our video discussion about the hottest stories returns next week in the new year.

104.9 Degrees – Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 50,000 apps and a huge discussion gets cranked up about what is going on with the platform.  A lot of good viewpoints in these stories about what is working well and what needs some work with Windows Phone.  It just so happened that this discussion and the 50,000 apps point came about in the same week.

103.6 Degrees – Microsoft released a security advisory last week concerning a vulnerability in ASP.net and late yesterday announced they would release an out of band (meaning not regularly scheduled) update to address the issue since it has been disclosed publicly.

Also at 103.6 Degrees – A change in policy means Microsoft will no longer be allowing the sale of guns and other possible weapons in the Xbox 360 Marketplace for your avatar.