Earlier today I was participating in a Windows 7 Tech Chat on Twitter (#Win7Tech hashtag) which is held most Tuesdays from 3 to 4 PM Eastern time.  Each chat covers a specific subject area and today’s chat was about using that new PC which folks received for Christmas.

At one point I commented about one of my favorite Windows 7 utilities the Snipping Tool and one user responded back with this comment:


Although there is no assigned hot key to invoke the Snipping Tool by default there is a way to create a shortcut key which uses one of the features of the Windows 7 Taskbar.  Simply place a shortcut for the Snipping Tool on your Windows 7 taskbar anywhere in the first ten slots starting right after the Start Button and moving left to right count them from 1 to 0.

Now the Windows Key and the positional number of that shortcut is a hot key combination to start up the Snipping Tool or any of the programs you have in those first 10 slots – just replace the number you type after the Windows Key to start that specific program.

I have it in the tenth position so Windows Key + 0 brings up the Snipping Tool on my system.  This process can be used of course with any program as long as it is in one of the first ten slots on your taskbar.