It happens. You have just finished putting the last bow on the last gift you had in your stash to be wrapped. And then it hits you. You realize that you forgot your nephew, niece, grandchild, friend, etc.

How do you get something to them that can arrive on Christmas Day? Send them a Digital Gift Card.

  • Amazon gives you the ability to send a gift card by email and Facebook wall post.  They have options for personalizing the email with a picture and if you do not want to send just a monetary value you can also send them an eGift for a specific product you pick out for them. Amazon also allows you to schedule the delivery for a specific date and time. Amazon gift cards can be purchased in amounts between $25 and $500.
  • Walmart allows you to send an eGift card in value from $5 to $200.  You can not schedule a Walmart eGift and their site states it could arrive immediately or at most in 48 hours.
  • Target’s eGift cards can be purchased in amounts between $5 and $1,000.  They can be delivered via email or to a mobile phone and what is cool about the mobile option is that the gift card can be used from their mobile phone in the store.
  • Home Depot can deliver eGift cards to either an email address or to a Facebook account. The amounts range between $25 and $500 and they can be schedule for delivery on a specific date.
  • Lowes also allows you to personalize an eGift card with a photo and they can be purchased in amounts between $5 and $100.  It does not appear you can schedule the delivery timing on the cards.
  • GameStop has digital gift certificates that will arrive with 48 hours of your order being processed with them.  They officer amounts between $10 and $100. They also have an Other block you can fill in with your own amount (minimum of $10).
  • Regal Cinemas offers eGift cards in amounts between $10 and $100 and they can be scheduled for delivery.

I must admit as I was researching this post I was surprised that I only came up with one major cinema chain that offered digital gift cards – seems like a missed opportunity in so many ways.

Check your favorite retailer to see if they offer digital delivery of gift cards as well – you never know what might be available.

Enjoy your holiday season.