Based on the numbers reported over this holiday shopping season there is no doubt that folks want to make purchase online.  There are several factors that make it attractive:

  • No traffic
  • No parking
  • No crowds
  • Great deals
  • Saves gas
  • Stores outside of your local area are available online
  • and many, many more

Bottom line is as more people choose to do their shopping online businesses have to become more savvy in supporting them.  I recently had a purchase from Barnes and Noble which arrived but the box was empty and only had the order paperwork in it.  I jumped on Twitter and asked @BN_Care for assistance and within just a few hours another order was placed and upgraded to overnight shipping to get the gift here in time for Christmas.  It arrived yesterday – now that is customer service exactly where the online customer is.

Companies who make these types of efforts to meet customers where they are will see great success in this area.