I am a huge fan of following the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Blogs RSS Feed.  This feed lets me see every post made by anyone who blogs on the MSDN network.  A lot of the content is very technical in nature and many include lots of coding etc. however, the reason I follow the feed is because there are some real jewels that come out on software, features, etc.

Well this post that I am about to share with you came from the MSDN Blog of Tim Omta who is a Microsoft Field Consultant.

How to Use Microsoft Word for Free 

Many school and work assignments require Microsoft Office.  For example, you may be required to turn in a college assignment as a Microsoft Word document.  I have been asked by students and teachers if it is possible to create Word documents if you can’t afford to purchase Office.  You can indeed.  If you cannot afford or do not have Microsoft Office, you can use Office Web Apps online for free to create and save your assignments.  You must have access to a reliable internet connection. Below I have outlined the steps necessary for you to create a Microsoft Word document online, so that you can complete your assignment.

This tip actually works for all the Office Web Apps including PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and of course Word.

If you need more functionality and would like full programs as a student then check out Microsoft DreamSpark as well.