Thanks to WPXbox we have a video sneak peek at a new twitter client called Carbon that is coming to Windows Phone. The app has some unique features like 2 finger scroll to jump to the top of the list, and other innovations which will hopefully also make its way safely to Windows Phone.

I have some experience with this app because it’s my twitter client of choice on my webOS HP Tablet. If the App is anywhere as amazing as it is on webOS, this will be a great addition to the Windows Phone line-up. We will have a full review once the app is on Windows Phone 7.

According to the developers behind Carbon, the Windows Phone 7 version is nearly ready to launch as the final beta has been released. An official announcement will be made once the software clears certification by Marketplace.

WPXbox have listed the features, which include:

  • Lets you access more details for any screen you open. For example when you open a tweet, you can swipe to see user profile, his tweet details like count, followers, profile, a button to follow him back and any conversation following the tweet.
  • Inbuilt Tranlsate : This is very unique, all you need is hit translate for any foreign language tweet and it gets you in your native language, no question asked.
  • Distraction less Tweet Fetch : If you reading a tweet on your timeline and new tweets come in, app takes care that you are not scrolled to new ones, It only notifies and keeps you where you are. Love it.
  • Brings in Live Tile integration which is not just limited to profiles but also for Search and Composing a Tweet
  • When you pin an account, you get to see count of any new mentions and direct message on back of it which is truly how a live tile should work on Windows Phone
  • Quick access to Lists you Follow, Retweets, and even Saved Searches all in one place and you can switch using a drop down.
  • Image and Video Integration : You can watch the image right along with any tweet and thumbnail of the video.
  • Messages are threaded like SMS in Windows Phone
  • Supports Multiple account and switching between them is very fast.

An official announcement will be made once the software clears certification by Marketplace.