I apparently spoke too soon in a post yesterday about Microsoft releasing apps for the iOS (iPhone/iPad) world because I have just discovered there is another one I was unaware of.

Microsoft has released an iOS version of the very popular Windows Phone game Kinectimals which is now available in the iTunes store and costs just $2.99 which is the same price as the Windows Phone version of the game.

There are some differences however starting with this being a stand alone program and there is no connectivity to Xbox Live and that means no achievements towards your gamerscore.  You can earn Experience Points (XP) as you interact with your favorite cat which earns you the ability to purchase additional items such as collars, food, water, etc. to give your Kinectimal Pet which is the same as the Windows Phone version.

I am not sure what the mindset is in Redmond about getting these apps onto iOS devices but they are quite popular and there are a lot of users on iOS hardware that also run Xbox 360’s and even Windows PC’s.  There is a strange cross over occurring between these two streams.

Remember when that happened in Ghost Busters?