According to StatCounter and its global statistics service Internet Explorer’s steady drop in usage on a world wide basis stopped in November 2011 with a small increase from 40.18% in October 2011 to 40.63% for November 2011. There has not been any new releases of IE in the last month or two so I am not sure where that increase is coming from.  It will be interesting to see next month if this is a temporary bump or if the growth continues.


As you can see in the above graph Chrome has also surpassed Firefox for the first time globally (25.69% vs 25.23%) and it appears that trend could continue into the future.

IE 8 continues to lead all IE and web browser versions globally with 24% usage compared to 23.83% in October 2011. IE 9 increased from 9.58% in October 2011 to 10.13% in November 2011. IE 7 saw a small decrease from 4.29% to 4.26% in November 2011. IE 6’s continued its demise and dropped to 2.23% from 2.47% in October 2011.

Here is a chart from StatCounter that shows the distribution of the Top 12 Browsers world wide since December 2010.