Omar Shahine, the Group Program Manager for, has posted details of an update for that will be live at anytime.

These updates really show the willingness of the SkyDrive team to make the service work the way users expect it to perform and they have done that by listening to the feedback of SkyDrive users and it is apparent that these are well received changes.

Some of the new features you can expect:

  • App-Centric Sharing: Permissions are not at the file level instead of by folder and you can set sharing options from within the web version of Office programs. You can also share files more readily with people outside of your Windows Live Network.  Sharing from with the SkyDrive website now offers options such as via email, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and apparently to any of the other services listed at your Windows Live ID profile page.
  • File Management: You can now create folders inline; rename a folder inline or hit the F2 key just like in Windows Explorer; move, delete and download more than one file at a time; move and copy files inline via a pop-over box; a right click context menu is now available on pictures and documents for available actions; create Office documents by simply naming the document and starting it in the appropriate Office Web App.
  • HTML5 features for drag and drop, uploads and the ability to continue browsing your SkyDrive while files upload.  These features are available in modern browsers such as IE10, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Photo Handling Enhancements: improved slideshow speed; touch support for IE10 and Mobile Safari.
  • File Format Support: now includes PDF and RAW formats. The PDF files use whatever browser plugin you are using and Chrome’s built in PDF viewer.  The RAWE photo formats are supported by the camera manufacturers that are already in the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack.
  • Performance Improvements: background downloading of necessary resources while your logging in; more inline actions in the SkyDrive website; sign in itself is 50% faster.

Here is a video from the Windows Live team, in fact it is Omar himself, highlighting some of the new features:

Interested in learning more directly form the SkyDrive team? Well you can join them for a live chat on Twitter.

I will be joining a few people on the SkyDrive team to field questions “live” tomorrow, 11/30, on Twitter from 10-12 p.m. PST. Just mention @SkyDrive in your question and follow us to participate in the conversation.

I recommend you use to participate in the chat as it helps you follow things easily.