Here are the newly added backgrounds for the two Bing Dynamic Windows 7 themes with some really nice imagery added including a unique shot of a Florida football stadium undergoing a renovation of sorts.

By the way, did you know you can subscribe to the RSS feeds for these two themes and be able to use the backgrounds on non-Windows 7 machines?  The links are Bing Aerial Dynamic RSS Theme Feed and Bing Desktop Dynamic RSS Theme Feed and can be accessed with your favorite RSS reader.

Bing Dynamic Windows 7 Theme – 94 total images.

Freshwater ectoproct bryozoan The twin peaks of Mount Ushba in the Greater Caucasus mountain range

Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Windows 7 Theme – 183 total images.

Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida Ryle Creek North of Tampa, Florida
Double Branch Creek Northwest of Tampa, Florida Hovercrafts Tampa Bay, Florida
Arroyo Colorado Cutoff Northeast of Harlingen, Texas Canal Padre Island, Texas
Harbor community New Port Richey, Florida Island community East of Bear Island, Florida
Oil field North of Rankin, Texas Oil field North of Rankin, Texas