Today is more than just the unique calendar date of 11/11/11.

Here in the US and in many countries around the world it is a day to remember the sacrifice of countless men and women who have served their countries on the field of battle and defending their countries way of life.

There will be many somber ceremonies remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and colorful parades celebrating that same service along with honoring those who are still here to tell us their stories of serving their nation.

This video from the US Department of Veteran Affairs talks about Veterans Day and efforts that are being made here in the US for our veterans:

The two major search engines, Bing and Google, are each recognizing today with special homepage graphics:



So whereever you are in the world if you know someone who has served your country stop and say thanks to them with a handshake and a warm smile because it will be very much appreciated.