The Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack DLC is now available and includes fortification upgrades, three new maps, characters and weapons.

The new maps are titled Azura, Rustlung, and Blood Drive and cost 800 Microsoft Points. However, if you can wait until November 24th, these new maps will be free when Epic plans to release the “Versus Booster Map Pack” update. In addition to the new maps the update will include some original maps from Gears 1 and are titled Swamp and Clocktower. The free update will will not include the the additional characters and weapons from the Horde Command Pack previously mentioned.

Also keep in mind the release of the next DLC, “RAAM’s Shadow” is set to release on December 13th for 1200 Microsoft Points. This DLC extends single-player gameplay by three hours, includes six new multiplayer characters, and another 250 Achievement points.

“RAAM’s imposing size and strength, along with his Kryll shield, make him one of the most powerful and daunting foes in the Gears universe,” said Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski. “We think fans are going to have a blast unleashing hell upon the poor humans for the first time in a campaign setting.”